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~ Biodegradable garden bags.

~ Made in the USA.

~ BPA free

~ FDA Approved.

~ 17 grams each

~ 16 x 19 inches

~ Not oven safe


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  • Biodegradation takes place when plastic comes in contact with soil. Microbes in the soil combined with additives in the plastic create acids and enzymes that result in biodegradation 
  • Biodegradation takes place with or without light, under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. That means plastic will biodegrade whether in composts, landfills, or buried in the soil.*  


*We cannot guarantee exact biodegradation times due to the diverse range of soil conditions.    

Tofu Bags 50 pack

SKU: 860001941203
  • Due to the nature of the product, we can not accept returns at the moment, if you have any problem with your product please email our customer services at ElenceLLC@gmail.com